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Access to MCS Google Account

Moore County Schools *must* start requiring 2-factor authentication for district accounts in order to obtain CyberSecurity Insurance.  This is also a "best practice" in a time when more and more companies and institutions are shut down through RansomWare attack. Due to the ever-increasing cybersecurity risks faced by businesses and government entities, it has now become impossible to acquire Cyber Liability Insurance without certain specific security measures in place.

The most critical of these is 2-factor Authentication (2FA) for access to enterprise data (Google G-Suite email, drive files, etc), and for remote access to the enterprise network via Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients.

2FA works by combining two requirements to permit access:
Something You Know - your account username and password
Something You Have - a mobile device

While usernames and passwords are constantly at risk, either due to phishing or poor user password control, an attacker will not have access to the physical device that enables login to be completed.  In addition, the alerts on the mobile device can serve as an alarm that the ‘Something You Know’ has been compromised and needs to be changed.

It is critical that MCS requires 2FA to protect district accounts.

For all staff with smart phones and MCS Google accounts please see the links below for steps on securing your account:
Guide (step-by-step)

For staff that received device keys please see the link below for steps on securing your account:
Guide (step-by-step)

If you have any additional questions stop by your school's Media Center.  A Chromebook will be available along with printed instructions.  Tech, DIFS, Media and Tech Assistants will be available for assistance.

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