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Federal Impact Aid is designed to assist local school districts that have lost tax revenue due to the presence of tax-exempt federal property, or experienced increased expenditures due to the enrollment of federally connected children. Active duty military, contractors and civilian employees who work on federal property and those who live in federal housing are eligible to participate. Money received from Federal Impact Aid is used to offset costs on campuses with federally connected students. Eligibility for funding is determined each school year through the Federal Impact Aid Survey Form. Additionally, MCS has combined the Impact Aid Survey with the Every Student Succeeds Act Military Student Identifier Form so families only have to complete form each school year. 

For more information, read the National Association of Federally Impacted Schools (NAFIS) Parent FAQs or visit the U.S. Department of Education's Impact Aid Program

Impact Aid Surveys are completed annually and all federally connected students must submit a new form each year. Our annual Impact Aid Survey takes place each October and is conducted electronically. Military-connected families will need to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal for their child/children to complete the survey. If you do not have a PowerSchool Account or need assistance accessing it, please click here.

Surveys can be accessed below:

- 2023-2024 Electronic Impact Aid Survey Forms will be available on 10/25/2023. 
- 2023-2024 Paper Impact Aid Survey Forms will be distributed to all students on 10/25/2023. 


Federally connected students are define as student whose parents, step-parents, or guardians are...

  • Currently serving on active duty or are a member of the National Guard or Reserves serving on active duty or deployed. Students of military parents DO NOT have to reside with the parent.
  • Work on federal property (regardless of classification) in the state of North Carolina. Students of parents working on federal property MUST reside with the parent to be eligible.
  • An accredited foreign government official or a foreign military officer.
  • Residing in federal housing. The student must reside with the parent to be eligible.

Military-connected student for the Military Student Identifier are defined as...

  • Students with a parent, step-parent or guardian currently serving on active duty.
  • Students residing with a National Guard/Reserve service member, retired service member, or veteran.
  • Students whose deceased parent, step-parent or guardian served in the military.

2023-2024 Impact Aid Survey & ESSA Military Student Identifier

Moore County School system's 2023-2024 Impact Aid Survey will begin on Wednesday, October 25th. Survey's should be turned in by Friday, November 17th. All federally-connected students will receive an Impact Aid Survey Packet.  Parents can also access the form through the PowerSchool Parent Portal APP by clicking "More" and then on "Forms." 

Parents who prefer to complete a paper survey must complete one survey per student. You can save time by choosing the electronic survey and click "Submit for Family."

MCS has combined the Impact Aid Survey with the Every Student Succeeds Act Military Student Identifier form. The district is asking all military-connected families, regardless of their status, to participate eliminating the need for a second survey in December.

If you have questions or concerns about the survey, please contact your school's Impact Aid Representative or the district's Military Liaison at (910) 947-2976. Additional information including links to the Impact Aid Survey and FAQs can be found below: 

  • Moore County Schools
  • 5277 Hwy. 15-501 South, Carthage, NC28327
  • 910-947-2976
  • 910-947-3011
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