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                                                    Creation of a Waiting List
In an effort to be more responsive to the demand for Drivers Ed instruction, we are creating a waiting list. The procedure for getting on the waiting will be as follows:
                                1) Attempt to register for scheduled classes.
                                2) Failing that, email with contact information.
                                3) A class will be created if numbers and dates warrant. Availability of instructors is a factor and there can be NO GUARANTEE OF A NEW CLASS.
                                4) If you are not notified by email of placement, you should continue to attempt to enroll in regularly scheduled classes. 

                                             New January Virtual Class at Pinecrest
Due to high demand, we are offering a new Virtual class at Pinecrest running from Jan 1, 2022 to Feb 1, 2022.                            

The information on this site is broken down into three sections: 

1. Register
2. Classroom
3. Driving

After reading the schedule and general information below, click on each section for detailed information.                                                     Be sure to read all the information.

In-Person Classes:
Classes are identified as in-person or online on the registration site in the Online School Payment System. Be sure you are choosing the right fit for your student. The first day of in-person classes at Pinecrest starts in the cafeteria. During the traditional school year, classes run for 3 hours and begin 15 minutes after school dismisses. Call the school for the dismissal time if you are in a private school or are homeschooled as dismissal times vary by school.

Online Classes:
Classes are identified as in-person or online on the registration site in the Online School Payment System. Be sure you are choosing the right fit for your student. The instructors for online classes will email orientation material for their class approximately 10 days prior to the beginning date of the class. If you do not receive this email please contact the coordinator at

Students from all schools can register for any class scheduled below. This is particularly true for online classes.

2021-22 Driver Ed. Calendar 

Pinecrest (A. Sabata and D Barnes)

Union Pines (B. Gaylord)

North Moore (R. Garner and R Hussey)

Sept 27- Oct 8, 2021
Vision Testing Oct 5

Oct 18-29, 2021
Vision Testing Oct 26

Enrollment for North Moore
takes place on-site. Please contact
Wendy Dunlap in the front office.

Oct 18-29, 2021
Vision Testing Oct 27

Nov 8-22, 2021
Vision Testing Nov 16

Nov 8-22, 2021
Vision Testing Nov 17

Nov 29- Dec 10, 2021
Vision Testing Dec 7

Nov 29- Dec 10, 2021
Vision Testing Dec 8

Nov 29-Dec 10, 2021
Vision Testing Dec 9

Jan 24- Feb 4, 2022

Jan 4-19, 2022

Jan 31-Feb 11, 2022

Feb 7-18, 2022

Feb 7-18, 2022

Feb 22- Mar 4, 2022

Mar 7-18, 2022

Mar 14 - 25, 2022

Apr 4-19, 2022

April 26 - May 5, 2022

April 19- May 2, 2022

May 2-13, 2022

May 9-20, 2022

June 13 - 16, 2022
Classes in RED are full

General Information

To participate in Moore County Schools Driver Education, students aged 14 1/2 (on the first day of class) to 18 (must be under 18) must register online or submit a Fee Waiver application (see "register" section).  Students MUST reside in Moore County. School location is not a consideration. 

**Summer and Spring Break Addendum Information
Classes are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday.  Bring lunch, snacks and pencil/paper.
First day of class starts in the cafeteria.

Instructor will need to see Social Security card and certified birth certificate before a student can take the driving portion of Driver Education.

Students may miss no more than 3 hours of class time. Missed time must be made up during next class.  Multiple times may be missed but not more than 3 hours total.

Class Schedules are subject to change. If the schedule is changed, the scheduled school will make an announcement or the instructor will notify students. Classes are not held on early dismissal days, teacher workdays or if school activities are canceled because of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstance.

Intervals between Classroom and Behind the Wheel (BTW) Instruction
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the time between classroom and BTW instruction has lengthened considerably. Please be patient, some LEAs are experiencing intervals of up to one year! We are averaging 8 weeks as of Oct 2021. 

You should start planning when a student is near 14 
1/2 years of age. Consider extra-curricular activities when planning.  Contact coaches and other after-school activities supervisors to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Older students are given priority to schedule BTW instruction. Remember that vision testing and credential submission is the “starting point” for entering the BTW queue.

“Helpful Hint”: Have your student take a picture of their completed Form 800 for later reference and tracking! 

BTW instructors are working at maximum capacity and we are attempting to bring more on line. We are not responsible for missed DMV appointments made in advance of your child receiving BTW instruction.

Driver Education Coordinator Contact Information
Office Phone: 910.947.2976 ext. 100260
The Driver's Education office is a part-time office and is not open every day. Phone calls and emails will be responded to as soon as possible.

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