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How to Apply for Free and Reduced Price Meals

FAQ - Free & Reduced Price Meals

How do I apply for free and reduced price meals?
To apply for free and reduced price meals, please fill out an application completely, sign and date it, then send to Child Nutrition, 178 Pinckney Road, Carthage, NC 28327. Applications are available at each school or at the Child Nutrition office. Please only send one application per family or household.

Who determines the income guidelines for the free and reduced price meals?
The income guidelines are determined by the United States Department of Agriculture. For more information concerning the income guidelines, please visit the USDA website.

Can I use a reduced price meal application from any school year?
No. Only applications for the current school year are accepted. Applications have to be printed every school year according to federal guidelines. Applications received in the Child Nutrition office for the incorrect school year will be returned to the household.

If my child was eligible for free or reduced meals last school year, what happens at the beginning of the new school year?
Students that were eligible for free or reduced meals the previous school year are allowed to use the previous school years status for the first 30 days of school. This allows the time needed to process the current school year application. At the end of the first 30 days, if a completed current year's form has not been received and processed, the student will change to full pay status. The student will remain a paid status until a completed current form is received and processed. All meal charges incurred during the time the student changes to a paid status and a current school year form is processed will be the responsibility of the parent.

Can I complete an application for free or reduced-price meals by phone or fax?
Child Nutrition is not able to accept applications by phone, fax, or email at this time. All applications must be on an original, official form for the current school year and be mailed or hand-delivered to the address on the application or to the school.

What are the guidelines for completing a free or reduced-price meal application?
The free or reduced-price meal application must be completed in full. This includes the student's name, grade, and income, if any, all other members of the household and their income, if any, address, phone number, signature, and complete social security number of the adult listed as the signing adult for all other household members. If any of this information is not complete, it will delay the processing of the application.

Do I have to complete a free and reduced-price meal application each year?
Yes. Federal guidelines require a new application each year for all students. There are some exceptions for students who are directly certified through the cooperation of Moore County Social Services.

Do I report my gross income or net income on the free/reduced-price meal application?
You must report the gross income for all of those living in the household. This is the income before any deductions for taxes, social security, child support, etc. In addition, you must also report the total number of people living in your household.

Why has my child been denied the free and reduced meal prices?
Free and reduced-price meal benefits are denied when household income is above the guidelines set by the federal meal eligibility guidelines. If you disagree with the school's decision regarding your meal application, you should contact the Child Nutrition office at 910.947.2342. You also may ask for a hearing by writing to: Jenny Purvis, Assistant Superintendent for Operations, Moore County Schools, PO Box 1180, Carthage, NC 28327 or calling her at 910.947.2976.

I have a foster child. How do I fill out the free and reduced-price meal application?
Since a foster child is considered a family of one, a separate application must be completed for each foster child. Please be sure to list the child's "personal use" income, how often it is received, and any other monies the child receives from his/her family or employment. Social security numbers are not required on foster child applications.

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