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Discretionary Admission

How can I request discretionary admission to Moore County Schools?
A discretionary admission is when the family lives outside of Moore County, but has a need for their child to attend school in Moore County.  Families requesting discretionary admission must submit their online requests during the open transfer/discretionary admission window.   The open window runs from February 1 - 29.  Discretionary admissions are valid for one school year only.  Families must reapply by the published deadline each year to maintain enrollment in subsequent years.  Unless noted, tuition is charged for discretionary admission.

Families should upload the following to their online ScribOrder/ScribChoice account:

  • Evidence of good academic and disciplinary standing.

  • Evidence that the student has not completed the requirements for high school graduation.

  • Evidence that the school system where the family is domiciled has authorized the student to enroll in Moore County Schools, if the family is domiciled in another North Carolina school district.

  • Any additional documents they wish to submit.

Important note: With the exception of under-utilized schools, the administration will generally charge tuition to all students granted discretionary admission who are not domiciled in North Carolina or who are domiciled in North Carolina but do not reside within the school district. The amount of tuition will be the amount of per-pupil local funding, as determined annually by the Finance Office. $2,808 Tuition must be paid on a lump sum, annual basis prior to enrollment.  

Tuition should be paid by check or money order to the Moore County Schools administrative offices located at 5277 US Hwy. 15-501 in Carthage.   Payments should be made out to Moore County Schools, and the note section should include the word "tuition," the name of the student school, and the school year in which the transfer applies.

Children of employees admitted under section 6210.2(B) of this policy are not considered discretionary admissions and will not be charged tuition.

For more information about the process for requesting discretionary admission, please see
Policy 6210.

Will my child be able to compete in interscholastic athletics after being granted discretionary admission?
Under North Carolina High School Athletic Association rules, students participating in interscholastic athletics who transfer from one school district to another must generally sit out of any interscholastic sports they are participating in for 365 days unless the family has changed domicile and moved to the attendance area of the new school. Visit the NCHSAA website for more information about eligibility rules.

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