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                                              Restart Update

The following is a Driver Education update from an NCDPI Webinar held on 5/11/2020:

1) There is currently no projected date for the resumption of                              Driver Education classes or Behind The Wheel (BTW)                                        instruction.

2) Our points of emphasis at the restart will be to eliminate                                opportunity gaps and inequity and to specifically reduce the                              backlog of students waiting for BTW instruction which                                      predicts that we might open BTW instruction before                                          classroom instruction.

3) Restart will be contingent on the Governor's approval,                                  DHHS guidance, and coordination and approval of DMV.

4) Students and instructors will be allowed to postpone their re-                        engagement with Driver Education as they see fit without                                  penalty.

5) Expect that BTW will be subject to very strict health                                      guidelines to be enumerated by DHHS including                                                temperature taking before each session, masks worn by all                                participants, multiple mandatory hand washings and the like.

6) Credit will be given for prior instruction such that                                          instruction will resume from where it ended. No need to                                      restart from the beginning of a class or BTW session.

7) Virtual instruction may be an option via courseware                                      developed by NCDPI. We will know more about this by the                              end of May.  

Thank you for your patience in these very trying times. Everyone in the school hierarchy including the legislature appreciates the critical need Driver Education fulfills and they are pulling out the stops to get this program back up and delivering again.


The previously announced registration date of 4/13/20 for summer classes has been postponed indefinitely until we get a firm date for the re-opening of school. Be assured that all students currently enrolled in canceled classes will have first right of refusal for the next available block of classes. Stay tuned and keep your chins up! We will get through this!

What We Know Through May 15, 2020

Covid-19 has disrupted all facets of education in ways we could never have imagined. That being said there are some near term takeaways for Drivers Education from the Governor’s most recent extension of school closures through May 15, 2020.

  1. The general rule is that Drivers Education tracks regular school: if school is in session, Drivers Education is in session; if school is suspended, Drivers Education is suspended.
  2. All previously scheduled classes through May 15 are cancelled subject to rescheduling when schools reopen. 
  3. All enrollments and fees paid will be honored! Those enrolled in the cancelled classes will be given their choice of the next available classes or a refund from the school hosting the class in which they were enrolled.
  4. The same procedure will apply if it becomes necessary to cancel June classes.

The situation is obviously fluid at this point, but we will do our best to keep you informed. Please check back with this site frequently   



ALL Drivers Education activity (classroom instruction AND Behind The Wheel instruction) will be suspended during the period of the recent Moore County School closures due to the Covid-19 virus. In general, Drivers Education follows the status of regular school classes: when school is closed, Drivers Education is closed. We will resume Drivers Education when school re-opens. We will announce any further changes in class schedules as soon as we are able. Thank you for your patience.






To participate in Moore County Schools Driver Education students 14 1/2 (on the first day of class) thru 18 (must be under 18) must register online or submit a Fee Waiver application(see "register" section).  Also, students MUST be enrolled in school in Moore County, whether public school, private school, home school, or charter school.  Or, students must live in Moore County. (We are funded based on enrollment in the above types of schools)

Please be advised that we do not accept "walk-ins" and there is no "wait list". In the rare event that there are last minute openings, they are given to students who need special consideration as specified by law. 

We are often asked why we do not offer more classes. We offer enough classes to meet the needs of our student population and simply cannot afford to offer classes that are not full. You should start planning when a student is near 14-1/2 years of age. Consider extra curricular activities as well when planning.  Contact coaches and other after-school activities supervisors to avoid scheduling conflicts.


The information on this site is broken down in three sections: 

  1. Register
  2. Classroom
  3. Driving

After reading the schedule and general information below, click on each section at the bottom of the page for detailed information. Be sure to read all the information. If it is on this site, it is important!

The Driver's Education office is a part-time office and is not open every day. Phone calls and emails will be responded to as soon as possible.


Driver Education Coordinator

Office Phone: 910.947.2976 ext. 100260

  Pinecrest (PC) Union Pines (UP) North Moore (NM)
   Dates in red indicate the class is filled. Black dates = upcoming schedule of classes. 
April April 6-9

April 6-9  

April 6-9

May May 4-15 May 4-15 May 4-15
June June 15-18

June 15-18
June 15-18
 June June 22-25  June 22-25   
July July 6-9 July 6-9
July July 13-16

July 13-16

July July 20-23

July July 27-30

 August August 3-6  August 3-6   


General Information
The first day of class at PC and UP starts at the cafeteria. During the traditional school year, classes run for 3 hours and begin 15 minutes after school dismisses. Call the school for the dismissal time if you are in a private school or are home schooled as dismissal times vary by school.

**Summer and Spring break Addendum Information

Classes are scheduled from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday – Thursday.  Bring lunch and snacks and pencil/paper.
First day of class starts at the cafeteria.
Students from all schools can register for any class scheduled above.

Instructor will need to see Social Security card and certified birth certificate before a student can take the driving portion of Driver Education.

Students may miss no more than 3 hours of class time. Missed time must be made up during next class.  Multiple times may be missed but not more than 3 hrs. total.

Class Schedules are subject to change. If the schedule is changed, the scheduled school will make an announcement or instructor will notify students. Classes are not held on early dismissal days, teacher workdays or if school activities are canceled because of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances.  

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