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Q. After the classroom phase, how long does the driving take?
A. The driving phase is 12 hours of in-car instruction. It is up to the instructor to work out a schedule with each student.

Q. When will driving begin?
A. A good and complicated question. We try to drive students within 6 weeks after the classroom phase, but there are exceptions. If the student's 15th birthday is months away after the classroom work ends, we will probably hold off driving until closer to their birthday. Also, in the summer, we fall way behind because we offer so many classes. It usually takes us several months to catch up, so be patient.

Q. What is the Eligibility Certificate?
A. This is a form that verifies that you passed 3 out of 4 courses during the past semester. It is filled out by the school's guidance department (home schools do theirs through the Home School office in Raleigh). This has nothing to do with the driver education program. We just provide the form when the driving phase is finished. Please note: When this form is signed, you have 30 days to use it. If not, go back to guidance and repeat the process.

Q. I've always heard that you drive the oldest first, but "Mary" is younger than my daughter and she has driven and my daughter hasn't. What's going on?
A. This is the question I get most! Simply put, "Mary" has a different instructor. Instructors are independent contractors and they set their own schedule. This month, instructor A may drive a lot and get ahead of Instructor B. Next month, it may be the opposite. So, don't get concerned over "Mary" driving first.

Q. When will I know it is my time to drive?
A. The instructor assigned to the student will call and arrange an appointment. We are flexible, but if students put off driving, they might end up at the bottom of a very long list, so it is best to drive when the instructor calls the student. Also, be sure to get the name of the instructor and phone number when he/she calls, so if a problem occurs you can notify him/her. It doesn't do any good to call anyone but the instructor. We require two students in the car at all times, so if you are not there at the appointed time, the other student cannot drive and the instructor has wasted a day.

That's it! Good luck in your driving preparation. Some are more nervous about the experience than others, but our instructors are patient and good at what they do. We'll get you through your training. Then - drive carefully when you're on your own. We don't want to lose you through the Big Three - Texting, Alcohol, Speeding. Be Safe!


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