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Tips for Practice Driving Sessions

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1. Your student will have only 6 hours of behind-the-wheel driving in driver education. You should provide him/her with countless hours of driving practice during the next year. Practice with your student in many different driving situations. Limit the number of passengers in the car while he/she is practicing.

2. You should begin with simple tasks and become more complex as your student gains in skill and confidence. (Example: don’t start your first day as a supervisor in heavy traffic.)

3. Keep your cool. Remember that your teen is a beginning driver and will make mistakes. Compliment your student frequently because this will help to build confidence. Errors should be pointed out and corrected but this should be done in a relaxed manner.

4. Plan your routes. Don’t just “ride around”.

5. Practice maneuvers as three-point turn, two-point turn, braking, parking, turning at lights over and over. Repetition is a good teaching technique.

6. Give directions clearly and well in advance.

7. Insist on a large following distance.

8. Practice pulling/turning into traffic.

9. Set a good example. Talk about and practice defensive driving.

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