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Letter to Parents - Medication Administration

Dear Parent,

Our school has a written policy to assure the safe administration of medication to students during the school day. If your child must have medication of any type, including over-the-counter drugs given during school hours, you have the following choices:

1. You may come to the school and give the medication to your child at the appropriate time(s).

2. Take a copy of the Medication Administration form from the school secretary to your child's doctor and him/her complete the form by listing the medication needed, dosage, and number of times per day that the medication is to be administered. This form must be completed by the physician for all medications; prescription and over-the-counter drugs. This form must be signed by the doctor and by you, the parent or guardian. Medications must be brought by you to the school in a pharmacy-labeled bottle which contains instructions on how and when the medication is to be given. In addition, Over-the-Counter drugs must be received in the original container, labeled with your child's name, and will be administered according to the dosage instructions or if different, the doctor's written instructions on the Medication Authorization form should they be different from the label. Parents or legal guardian's changes to the dosage label for age/weight will not be accepted.

3. You may discuss with your doctor an alternative schedule for administering medication (i.e., outside of school hours).

4. Students requiring medication for asthma, anaphylactic reactions (or both), and diabetes may self-medicate with physician authorization, parent permission, and a student agreement for self-carried medication. Students must demonstrate the necessary knowledge and development maturity to safely assume responsibility for and management of self-carry medications according to the Medication Authorization form.

School personnel will not administer any medications to students unless they have received the Medication Authorization form properly completed and signed by both the doctor and the parent/guardian. All medication(s), drug(s), must be received in the original container. If you have questions about the medication policy, or other issues regarding the administration of medication in Moore County Schools, please contact your school nurse at your child's school or your child's Principal.

Thank you for your cooperation,


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