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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Impact Aid?
Federal impact aid is a Department of Defense initiative and is available to help school districts handle the cost of educating federally connected children, such as military and Native American students, as well as the families of Department of Defense civilian workers and government contractors.

How does it help my student?
Moore County Schools receives federal aid based on the total number of impacted students. Additional funding is also available to the school system based on impact aid percentages. For example, if we have a school with 15% or more military students, Moore County Schools could be eligible to apply for DODEA Grants designed to assist our military families.

Is this supported by Fort Bragg?
Yes. Impact Aid is a federal initiative that is supported by the Fort Bragg Garrison Command which includes the 82nd Airborne Division, USASOC, JSOC, and FORSCOM.

Does this violate OPSEC requirements?
No. Impact Aid forms do not collect unit-specific information or personal details for military personnel beyond what is already included in your student's enrollment paperwork. The only additional information collected is the service member's grade and rank.

What happens to my form after it is submitted?
Forms are collected at each school by a designated Impact Aid Representative. All completed forms are consolidated at the district office by Erica Funk, Military Family Liaison. Mrs. Funk and her supervisor, Tracy Metcalf, Director of Student Support Services, are the only two individuals with access to the forms. Moore County Schools is extremely sensitive to the needs for confidentially for our military service members and has put systems in place to protect information included on Impact Aid Forms. Forms are NOT sent to the Department of Defense. Moore County Schools only submits total numbers of federally connected students on its application. Personal information about students or the service member is NOT included.

Do I need to submit a form for each of my children?
Yes. Impact Aid is based on total student forms from each school and does not allow us to consolidate families on one application.

What happens if I don't submit a form?
While there are no repercussions for not submitting a form, limited forms reduce Moore County School's ability to seek additional federal funding for programs designed to support military students, such as transition counselors and tutoring services. Additionally, with dwindling state and county funding for education, Impact Aid funds are imperative to ensuring the success of our military children.

Do we need to submit two forms if both parents are on active duty?
No, if both parents are serving on active duty, we only need information for one form. Funding is based on the child not the parents.

If one parent is serving on active duty and the other is a contractor/federal employee, do we fill out Section 2 and Section 3?
You may fill out either one section or both. Since funding is based on the child and not the number of parents serving, we only need information for one parent. Additionally, we receive the same amount of funding for both categories so either parent's information is fine.

I recently retired from active duty, do I need to complete the form?
If you were on terminal leave before the survey date (found in the upper right hand corner of the form), you should complete an Impact Aid Survey as an active duty service member. If you separated from the military prior to the survey date, please update your military status on the form.

I am currently serving on active duty as a member of the National Guard/Reserves, do I need to provide a copy of my orders?
Yes, in order for MCS to verify your active duty status, we must have a copy of your active duty orders with your form. Your orders will be kept with your form and school personnel will not have access to the document. You may black out sensitive personal information such as your social security number.

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