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CORE Phonics Survey:

The CORE Phonics Survey assesses the phonics and phonics related skills that have a high rate of application in beginning reading. Each survey presents a number of lists of letters and words for the student to identify or decode. Pseudowords, or made-up words, are included since the student must use decoding skills to correctly pronounce these words and cannot have memorized them. These assessments are best used to plan instruction for students in the primary grades and to develop instructional groups. They may be administered every four to six weeks. A student's ability to use knowledge of sound/letter correspondences (phonics) to decode words determines, in large measure, his or her ability to read individual words. A detailed assessment of a student's phonics skills points to areas in which the student is likely to benefit most from systematic, explicit phonics instruction. Also, knowing the skills that the student does possess will help in selecting reading tasks that offer the most effective reinforcement of those skills. Use the information to monitor phonics instruction and to design skill groups in direct instruction in the particular element measured. Core Phonics Record Form

San Diego Quick Assessment of Reading Ability: This test measures the recognition of words out of context. Generally, proficient readers read as accurately both in and out of context. This test consists of 13 graded word lists from pre primer to eleventh grade. The words within each list are of about equal difficulty. Weak readers over-rely on context and recognize words in context more easily than out of context. Student Record Form

Number Knowledge Test; The Number Knowledge test was designed to measure the intuitive knowledge of the number that the average child has available at the age-levels of 4, 6, 8, and 10 years. Research has shown that the knowledge assessed at each age level of this test is essential for successful learning of arithmetic in school and is foundational for higher mathematics learning.

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