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Account Security

It is critical that MCS staff and students treat account and system security seriously.

Note that sharing your account information, or using another user's account information are in violation of Moore County Schools Acceptable Use Policy. Violations can result in network access restrictions or device bans, as well as additional staff or student disciplinary measures.

Basic tips for all users:

  • Avoid being 'phished' - these are emails meant to trick you into giving up your login username and password. No reputable company will send you an 'Urgent - you must change your password NOW' email - something like that should be immediately suspect. Some good info is available in this newsletter from the SANS Institute.
  • Be careful of malware - especially when using a computer outside the MCS network. If you have a MCS device and suspect you may have a system infection, contact your school Media Specialist or Media/Tech Assistant ASAP. More info on malware is available here.
  • Do not use your MCS email account for personal use. This not only avoids inappropriate use of MCS resources (in violation of MCS policy), it also reduces the chance of your MCS account being compromised, as external systems do get hacked.
  • Use good password policy - chose a complex password (at least 8 characters, upper-case and lower-case letters, and numbers at a bare minimum - special characters '@!=+$#*' are even better). Do not use the same password over multiple
  • Change your password regularly - the NC IAM system has begin to enforce 90-day password expiration (more info and the schedule are available ). MCS will be implementing a similar policy before the end of the 2015/16 school year. You can change your MCS network and Google passwords with the MCS Password site here.
  • Monitor your account activity - If you suspect you have unauthorized use of your MCS Google account, or just want to check where it is being used, you can visit the Google Account Activity site here.
  • Report Security Concerns - If you receive a suspicious email, or wish to report another security concern, you may email '[email protected]'.
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