What is PBIS and what are Cameron's PBIS expectations?

  • PBIS is a system of practices that creates a positive learning environment to support academic and behavioral success for all students. Cameron Elementary school has four PBIS expectations that students should adhere to in all areas of the school, during the school day. They are: Respect, Responsibility, Safety and Self-Control. Each morning, students and school staff recite these expectations in our school pledge:

    Show RESPECT for yourself and for other people too. Take RESPONSIBILITY for all the things you do. SAFETY will keep you out of harm's way, and SELF-CONTROL will get you through the day.

    All school staff teach and model the above expectations throughout each school day.  Additionally, a character trait of the month is highlighted and shared daily through morning announcements and then discussed in homeroom and guidance classes each week. 

    Students are regularly rewarded for showing exemplary PBIS behaviors with PAW Bucks and class PAWS (Positive Attitudes Will lead to Success). Class PAWS are given to classes that exhibit PBIS behaviors while in Specials Classes. The classes with the most PAWS at the end of each 9 weeks, earns a class party. Individual students can earn PAW Bucks by showing good behavior while at school. Any staff member can give a student a PAW Buck during the school day. Students receive prizes for their PAW Bucks at the end of each month. Additionally, teachers recognize a student from their class, each 9 weeks, that have shown outstanding PBIS behavior.

    Congratulations goes to...

    Class PAW winners for the 2018- 2019 School Year

    First 9 weeks:

    Second 9 weeks: 

    Third 9 Weeks: 


    Teacher recognition for outstanding PBIS behavior for the month of are: