• Google Apps For Education - FAQ

    What is Cloud Computing?
    Cloud Computing is a term used to describe working on-line (or in the cloud). The other model we are all familiar with is Desktop Computing. In Cloud Computing all of our work is saved to the Internet, or Cloud- not the desktop. Cloud Computing has several benefits. Users can access their work from any computer that is connected to the Internet. That means students can save a document at school and access it at home. Another benefit of Cloud Computing is the ability to share documents and collaborate between students. Also, there is no software to install and keep updated, and there are no license fees to use Google Apps For Education, our Cloud Computing solution.
    Why do we have another email?
    Google Apps For Education comes with Gmail for free. Every Middle and High School student will have a Google Apps For Education account, including a Gmail account. All teachers will also get Google Apps accounts and Gmail. In that way students can communicate and share between each other and teachers.
    Do we use both emails?
    We will encourage teachers to use both their Outlook email and their Google Apps For Education Gmail. Each one has their own appropriate place and use. Another great feature of Gmail is there are no mail box size restriction like our Outlook system.
    When do we use one email over the other?
    Continue to use Outlook for communication between MCS, and Gmail between students would be a good distinction. That may evolve as time goes on, but for now that may be a good guideline.
    What is the advantage of using this calendar over the one we have in existing email?
    The Google Apps For Education calendar can be shared between people in our MCS Google Apps domain.
    Why do we want to put docs in this spot?
    We want to put documents in the Cloud to be able to access them from anywhere and to be able to share them with others within our MCS Google Apps Domain.
    Is space limited in this site like it is in our home folders?
    We have very, very large quotas on space in Google Apps For Education. Essentially unlimited.
    Who has access to this site?
    Only MCS students, teachers, and staff will get Google Apps For Education accounts.
    What is the “sites” section?
    Sites is a way of creating personal web pages in Google Apps For Education.
    Will students have email?
    All Middle and High School students will get Google Apps For Education accounts, including Gmail.
    What age students will get the email accounts?
    Elementary students will get email accounts thru Gaggle. We are still working out the details on how that will work.
    Why do we want to use this over regular Google docs?
    Using our own Google Apps For Education, under ncmcs.net, will allow us to control access. Using Google Docs we have no control.
    How can I get my Google password reset?
    Use these Websites for comprehensive step-by-step guides and how-to videos: