• Parent Communications

    January 11, 2016

    Dear Parents,


    Pinehurst Elementary School utilizes parents in a variety of ways to ensure communication regarding student and school needs are shared. The PES Parent Advisory Council, School Improvement Team, and representatives on county advisory councils assist our school faculty with addressing needs throughout the school year. Below, please find a brief description of these groups as well as the individuals who currently serve in these roles. We encourage and appreciate parent involvement and communication. Should you wish to be part of any of these groups or have additional questions, please contact Mrs. Ciccone at aciccone@ncmcs.org or 910.295.6969.

    Parent Advisory Council (PAC)
    This team is made up of parents with students covering all grade levels. It meets approximately every six weeks prior to the county Parent Advisory Council meetings. While this team is made up of a group who regularly attends, any parent is welcome at these meetings. The agenda is set by parents and is intended to share ideas, concerns, or questions about school level needs. This group meets with Mrs. Ciccone and Ms. Douglas. Meeting dates for the rest of the school year include: January 12, February 9, March 15, April 19. The team meets at 7:30 a.m. Members include Scott Booker (parent of 1st and 3rd graders), Michelle Goetzl (parent of 3rd grader), William Johnson (parents of K and 2nd graders), Tara Ledford (parent of 4th and 5th graders), Jessie Stroven (parent of 2nd grader).

    School Improvement Team (SIT)
    The School Improvement Team is made up of faculty representatives from each grade level and department as well as the administration and three parents. The parents on this team serve for two years to provide and provide parental perspective regarding school initiatives and decision-making. This team meets monthly. The parents serving on this committee are Jermonica Lindsey (parent of K), Emily Neller (parent of 1st grader), and Margaret Holmes (parent of 5th grader).

    Military Advisory Council (MAC)
    This group of individuals works with the county level MAC to provide feedback regarding the needs of our military students and families. They also work with our military liason, Sara Curry, to create opportunities to best engage our military families in our school. The parents serving on this council are Angela Ball (parent of kindergarten and 2nd grader), Ava Gerdman (parent of 2nd grader), and Amy Whitfield (parent of 2nd grader). 

    Minority Task Force
    The Minority Task Force was organized last school year with the intent of providing input to our central office staff regarding the needs of minority students. Larry Grant (parent of K and 3rd grader) and Ms. Douglas represent PES on this team.