• Moore County Schools Curriculum Department provides extensive information about academic subjects in each grade level and the new Common Core State Standards and Essential Standards.
    6th Grade Teachers
    Math:  Mrs. Sprinkle & Mrs. Thompson
    ELA:  Mrs. White & Mrs. Loving
    Social Studies:  Mr. DeMolet & Mrs. Loving
    Science:  Mrs. Howard & Mrs. Everett
    7th Grade Teachers
    Math:  Mr. Thomas & Mrs. Mulla
    ELA:  Mr. Williford & Mr. Hildreth
    Social Studies:  Mr. Gleason
    Science:  Ms. Creed
    8th Grade Teachers
    Math:  Mrs. Thompson & Mrs. Mulla
    ELA:  Mrs. Dickson & Mr. Hildreth
    Social Studies:  Mrs. Moore
    Science:  Mrs. Gardner
    Exceptional Children Teachers
    6th Grade:  Mrs. Maldonado
    7th Grade:  Mrs. Cushing
    8th Grade:  Mrs. Kline 
    Explore Teachers
    Band & Orchestra:  Mrs. Smith
    Music:  Mrs. Metcalf
    Art:  Mrs. Wright
    CTE:  Mrs. Wike & Mrs. Stuckey
    PE:  Mr. Frazier & Ms. Painter