• Meg DeMolet

    Meg DeMolet said she never planned to be a teacher, even though her mother was “an amazing teacher and coach.”

    A job at the North Carolina Zoo placed her in a position of doing demonstrations with students. This, combined with volunteering at Pinehurst Elementary and subsequently taking a teacher assistant position, confirmed her decision to return to school and get her teaching degree.


    “I managed to work during the day and go to St. Andrews College at night to get my education degree,” she said. “It was not easy to balance work, home, and school, but it was worth it. Being a teacher is as much a part of who I am as being a parent.”

    DeMolet has 22 years of classroom experience, 19 of those in her present position at Pinehurst Elementary.

    “My job as a kindergarten teacher is to prepare my students to face their journey with a sense of adventure, curiosity, bravery and perseverance to help them face whatever life has in store for them," she said. "The learning environment that I create in my classroom for my students is nurturing and love proving them a safe place for them to take risks.

    “Parents and teachers have a natural desire to rescue our children before they get hurt or become frustrated. We want to spare them the anxiety, but why? These valuable problem-solving skills and desire to persevere help them to successfully face challenging times in the future. By providing my students with the necessary tools to face life’s challenges, I am preparing them for their journey no matter where it leads them.”

    Named as alternate Teacher of the Year was North Moore High technology education teacher Kim Morris.

    “I truly want my students . . . to learn hands on technology and enjoy what they are learning. I believe that students learn best by doing, so I make learning enjoyable. I want my students to want more out of life. I teach them technical concepts that can be applied to daily use. . . In real life, the grass is not always green, and the sky is not always blue. I teach them to be independent learners, and I teach them how to be a part of team where everyone is contributing member and they are all shooting for one common goal.”

    This article was originally published by The Pilot, May 2, 2014