•  Student Dress Code

    We are making every effort to decrease distractions for students, therefore, I am including the Moore County Schools Dress Code.

    All students who attend Moore County Schools are expected to maintain a neat and well groomed appearance. Behavior patterns are affected by the clothing we wear, and when students are properly dressed, their focus is more on academics and their self-esteem increases. The purpose of the dress code is to promote styles of dress, which helps create a positive image for all students. The principal will be in charge of making sure that the dress code is enforced.
    • Bandannas, skullcaps, sweatbands, etc., must not be worn to school.

    • Hats, toboggans, head scarves, hoods, sunglasses, etc., must not be worn inside buildings.

    • Clothing that advertises a product illegal for students or depicts offensive statements, pictures or remarks must not be worn to school. 

    • Shorts, skirts, skorts, and dresses must be at least mid-thigh. 

    • Pants and shorts must be sized appropriately, including waist and length, with no undergarments exposed. 

    • Shirts must have an obvious shoulder line. Halter tops or spaghetti straps are not permitted. 

    • Oversized shirts are not permitted. 

    • Heavy chains of any type, i.e., wallet chains, chain belts, etc., are not permitted. 

    • Any garment or accessories that disrupt(s) the instructional program or may inflict harm may not be worn to school, i.e., grills, body piercings, etc. 

    • Appropriate neckline must be evident at all times. 

    • Footwear must be appropriate for school activities.