• TimeKeeper

    Time Keeper is a secure, on-line system used by teachers and staff  to view their payroll stubs. The service can be accessed on any computer or mobile device from anywhere there is Internet available at this site: TimeKeeper

    Once you access Time Keeper you will enter your Employee Number and your PIN. Your Employee Number is normally the last 4 digits of your social security number, however some employees will have a 5-digit or 3-digit Employee Number. If you do not know your Employee Number contact a school bookkeeper.

    The first time you access Time Keeper your PIN is the same as your Employee Number. At the time you first log on you will be asked to change your PIN to to a 4 digit that is greater than 1000, and cannot be the same as your Employee Number. Please choose a PIN that you can easily remember. Easy to follow directions to change your PIN are available in PDF format.

    Once you logon to Time Keeper you can view your payroll stub by clicking on Check History on the left navigation, then select the desired month.