• Mrs. Ciccone Pinehurst Elementary School, steeped richly in a tradition of excellence, sits in the heart of the Village of Pinehurst. We are excited for the start of our new school year and renew our commitment to providing a safe, nurturing and challenging environment for all of our students. All members of Pinehurst Elementary school are proud of the high expectations we hold for each other and the support provided for all students at our school.

    Providing an exceptional learning experience for every child every day is essential. To this end, we seek to continuously improve opportunities for our students, design work that develops creativity and critical-thinking and ensure that our students are ready for their journey beyond college and career readiness.

    Our instructional program is aligned to the Common Core State Standards and the North Carolina Essential Standards. Enrichment opportunities for students include afterschool activities such as theater productions, service projects, and clubs. In an effort to ensure age-appropriate learning opportunities for students, we continually organize our offerings around our students’ interests and needs.

    We believe in the power of families and the vested interest of our local community in the continued development of our instructional program. We welcome parents and the community into our school and desire for our school to be a positive contributor to the success of Moore County. We look forward to serving as partners with each of you in developing our young leaders!


    Ashlee Ciccone



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