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Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month


Check out how each school is highlighting Hispanic Heritage Month! 

Aberdeen Elementary:  Our school will be highlighting famous Hispanics each day during our morning announcements.  Books written by Hispanic authors will be on display in our media center.  Our ESL teacher is creating a mural in our lobby in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month.  Hispanic heritage resources will be provided and incorporated into ELA and SS lessons during the month.  Teachers at our school have put together and shared with their grade level an ELA packet and leveled reading books that covers Hispanic cultures and celebrations.  They are also using other resources to help support the meaning of Hispanic Heritage Month. 

Cameron Elementary:  At our school, we are celebrating two famous Hispanic Americans each week during our morning announcements.  We will be sharing quotes from these individuals and we will be teaching our students phrases that summarize the lessons in their quotes.  We will be sharing this information on our school social media sites as well. 

Carthage Elementary:  Our PK class will be learning Hispanic dances and making crafts.  Kindergarten classes will compare US and Hispanic cultures, and will make US and Mexican flags.  First grade will read Hispanic stories and make piñatas and maracas.  Second grade will read passages about important Hispanic historical figures and celebrate some of the fun Hispanic culture through activities that go along with the book, Chips and Salsa.  Third grade will host a Hispanic Heritage Day which will include crafts, food, and dancing.  Fourth grade will read short biographies of famous Hispanic artists, political figures, and dignitaries.  They will discuss the impact these people have had upon our society.  Students will do research on other famous Hispanics.  Fifth grade will read Esperanza Rising by Pam Munoz and then complete activities around the novel.  In music classes, students will learn percussion patterns archetypical of Hispanic music and will perform percussion ensemble works in class with a Latin American style.  EC students will work on papales picados (the art of cutting designs into sheets of tissue paper).  Students will use scissors and hole punches to create perforated patterns.  Completed work will be hung along a string.

Community Learning Center at Pinckney:  Using Google Tour Builder, students will be “visiting” the capitals of all Hispanic countries around the globe.  Using the satellite images of the capitals, students will visit and explore these places virtually. Students will also be creating Talavera Mexican tiles for a wall display.  

Crain’s Creek Middle:  During morning announcements, facts about the Hispanic culture and quotes from influential Hispanic members will be presented.  In addition, Hispanic students from our school will introduce themselves and talk about their heritage.  They will also present videos about food, dance, traditions, and holidays through a virtual presentation.    

Elise Middle:  We will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a variety of activities.  Our students will virtually watch a performance conducted by our local high school students.  We will also host a Hispanic Heritage trivia competition.  Homeroom classes will compete against each other to answer trivia questions related to the history of the Hispanic culture.  Students will learn about influential Hispanic figures and their contributions to society.  This will be through a combination of school-wide displays and classroom lessons.  We will create read-aloud recordings where students and staff will read articles, stories, and other literature on the Hispanic culture.  The recordings will be posted on our Facebook page.

Highfalls Elementary:  Our school will incorporate key components of Hispanic Heritage Month through art, music, history, and cultural connections with curriculum projects, core instruction, and activities.  Examples include primary students researching Latin America countries, collecting facts, comparing them, and creating a hands-on project from each country.   Elementary students will be exposed to literature pieces that include grade level texts "Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez” and the biography on Roberto Clemente.  Middle school students will learn about the origins of Dia de los Muertos and its traditions synthesizing between Mesoamerican beliefs and European influences while recognizing great contributions of the culture to the United States.  

McDeeds Creek Elementary:  We are reading different stories during read aloud time in the media center that focus on Hispanic heritage.  Students are also studying Hispanic culture in all social studies classrooms. 

New Century Middle:  In ELA, we will be focusing on Spanish language cognates when discussing Greek and Latin roots.  News articles will be featured in the school news.  Social Studies classes will learn the difference between Mayan and Mestizo cultures in Guatemala.  Art, AIG, and CTE will be doing an interdisciplinary unit on Hispanic culture using “Creating Mexican Flowers” as the hands on activity.  Students will be studying Hispanic culture and the influence of flowers on their culture, dances, and bold colors.  Students will make a flower.  In an effort to spread a little joy, students will also create a notecard to be sent to a staff member of their choice in appreciation of the staff member’s work.  In the media center, a display of books by Hispanic authors or Hispanic themes will be showcased. 

North Moore High:  North Moore teachers are embedding activities into their content areas with reading, discussions, and projects.  Our Spanish Club, led by Mrs. Peralta, will be providing information to be shared on daily announcements to celebrate and recognize significant contributions from those in the Hispanic culture while highlighting many of our Hispanic community members who have graduated from here and are doing great things.

Pinecrest High:  Spanish students will be researching and creating posters on the several different "takes" on Columbus Day around the Spanish-speaking world.  From Dia de la Raza (or Day of the Race) in Mexico to Dia de la Hispanidad (or Day of Hispanic Heritage) in several countries, the historical and cultural significance of the American Columbus Day is varied and sometimes controversial.  Students will create posters highlighting the different meanings of these days to display around the school.

Pinehurst Elementary:  During morning announcements, we will begin with the who, what, when, and why of the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration.  Each morning throughout the remainder of the month, we will focus on one person and their influences/contributions.  Students in PE will participate in popular Hispanic games.  Art class will celebrate by learning about the Mexican holiday, Dia de Los Muertos, with 2nd graders.  Third graders will discuss and created sombreros and ponchos.  Our media specialist will read the non-fiction text, The Piñata Maker, with our 4th and 5th graders.  She will share Hispanic fiction and non-fiction books with K-3 classroom teachers.  Our weekly Hello Dolphin Show, produced by our media specialist, will feature maps, facts, and Spanish speaking students reading short stories and discussing Hispanic culture.  

Robbins Elementary:  We will have a variety of classroom activities throughout the school.  Students will be creating Zapotec rug paintings in addition to learning about plants from Hispanic countries.  Students will use labels from their clothing to determine the country of origin, how far the clothing has traveled before it was purchased from the store, and where the country is located on a globe.  Students will create a lively illustrated dictionary of Spanish words in addition to learning how to write their name using the ancient Mayan alphabet.  During media time, biographies will be read and shared with our students. 

Sandhills Farm Life Elementary:  Kindergarten will be completing a short author study on Angela Dominguez, a Hispanic author who writes bilingual children’s books.  First grade will learn about Hispanic Heritage Month.  They will be watching short videos on about the Hispanic culture.  They will also read several books.  Second graders will learn about Hispanic Heritage Month by creating a fact booklet.  They will also watch short videos that tell about the Hispanic culture and traditions.  Third graders will learn about famous Latinos.  They will discuss their similarities and differences and will complete a graphic organizer.  Fourth grade will do a variety of activities including discussion of Fiesta del Pueblo, an event held in NC that celebrates Hispanic culture.  They will also learn about Ellen Ochoa, the first female Hispanic astronaut.  Fifth grade will learn about Hispanic scientists, mathematicians, and authors.  In music, students in 2nd and 3rd grade will be listening to a folksong from Guatemala to review rhythmic notation, 4th and 5th graders will continue chording on Boomwhackers, and kindergartners and 1st graders will practice a changing steady beat.  In art, students will learn about Spanish folk art and the Aztec culture.  They will also learn how to weave their own Sarape blanket out of yarn.  In media, students will read folktales and books by Hispanic authors. 

Southern Middle:  During Hispanic Heritage Month, we are reading a quote by someone of Hispanic heritage that has made a positive impact on the world today.  We are also giving short Hispanic heritage lessons during our morning announcements.  Social Studies classes are also designing lessons around Hispanic heritage and culture.

Southern Pines Elementary:  Our school will be highlighting books by Hispanic authors and celebrating Hispanic heritage in classroom instruction.  We will integrate activities honoring Hispanic culture into classroom instructions, especially in art classes.  Lesson plans and other activities have been shared with classroom teachers.  Grade levels will research famous Hispanic people.  

Southern Pines Primary:
  Our kindergarten classes will be learning about the artist Frida Kahlo.  We will read books and look at her paintings.  We will finish our unit by drawing self-portraits in Kahlo’s style.  The second graders will learn colors and how to count to 20 in Spanish.  They will play Gato, a Spanish version of tic-tac-toe that will help them to learn color words and number words in Spanish.  They will also watch and read biographies of Sonia Sotomayer, Frida Kahlo, Cesar Chavez, and Ellen Ochoa.  Media, art, PE, and music classes have website links to a host of resources that will help them learn about Hispanic Heritage Month using fun and creative activities.

Union Pines High:  Students from Hispanic heritage will read information about Hispanic countries, famous personalities, and food during the morning announcements.  Spanish classes will research and create projects about Hispanic countries and Hispanic Americans.  Students will create and sample different Hispanic cuisines in Spanish and CTE Foods classes.  

Vass-Lakeview Elementary:  Classroom teachers are teaching lessons about Hispanic Americans and their contributions.  Teachers are exposing students to information about Hispanic Americans as role models for our students.  Specials teachers are incorporating lessons as appropriate about Hispanic countries.  

West End Elementary:  Kindergarten students will be reading culturally diverse books, discussing culture, and coloring a page that matches.  In Art, we will discuss works by Carlos Cruz-Diez, Diego Rivera, and Frida Kahlo.  Our art teacher will dress as Frida, and will be visiting classes to discuss self-portraiture.  Spanish will be incorporated into lessons and cultural discussions will also be discussed. The art classroom will be decorated with traditional Hispanic theme and artworks.  The second graders will be utilizing Mrs. Garcia and her knowledge of the Hispanic culture during our Spanish specials time.  We look forward to having her share information with us about her native country of Venezuela.  The second grade classes will also be discussing Day of the Dead and other cultural similarities and differences of the Hispanic culture.  Students will do a research project on famous Hispanic people to learn about their contributions and influence.  Students will do a variety of activities, as well as present their research findings to the class virtually on Flipgrid.  Fifth grade social studies classes will read and discuss the life of Cesar Chavez and his work with migrant farm workers.  Third graders will read stories about influential figures in the Hispanic community and how they have helped to shape the lives of all Hispanic Americans.  Spanish and Spanish Immersion will be working on different mini-biographies about remarkable Hispanics, fun facts about our culture, and the difference between Latinos and Hispanics through videos, songs, and short poems.  First graders will share a story with Hispanic characters and discuss similarities and differences of their location and traditions. 

West Pine Elementary:  In first grade, a variety of books will be read during the month.  After the books are read, we will talk about a variety of topics including the Spanish language, differences in cultures, food and practices.  We will also talk about how many Hispanic people have positively impacted our world. Fourth grade will read How Tia Lola Came to Stay. We will talk about how people with different backgrounds feel when coming to a new country.  We will also learn about Cesar Chavez and discuss his contributions to our country.  Art classes will focus on Hispanic folk art. The art teacher, Mrs. Voight, will include storytelling in her artwork which will teach the students about culture. 

West Pine Middle:  During Hispanic Heritage Month, our school will focus on highlighting an influential Hispanic figure and their contributions to society. Quotes from people with Hispanic heritage will be shared as well.  Various social studies activities will be centered around Hispanic cultures and traditions.  

Westmoore Elementary:  Seventh and eighth grade ELA classes will be spotlighting various Hispanic authors and perspectives throughout our study of the Elements of Fiction.  Students will also be reading nonfiction news articles about Hispanic Heritage Month and influential people with a Hispanic heritage.  Students in 5th-8th grade music classes will be studying music and dance from Hispanic cultures such as Cuba, Spain, and Mexico.  Students in K-4 grade music classes will be studying percussion instruments from Hispanic cultures. ESL classes will be learning about Jaime Escalante, a Bolivian born educator who taught calculus.


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