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BT3 to National Board Certified Teacher

We are offering our BT3s the opportunity to begin learning about the National Board process and count it towards their quarterly BT PD.
Christina Speiser will be facilitating these sessions.

Please reach out to Christina Speiser at [email protected] or Michelle Gray at [email protected] with questions.

Informational sessions offered: 
  • Moore Learning Conference-August 17
  • Moore Engaged Conference-August 21
  • Virtual Informational Sessions-September 7 at 7:30am OR 4:00pm (contact [email protected] for the Google Meet code)

The following additional support sessions will be offered on Saturdays, 9am to 12noon at the Education Center, 160 Pinckney Road, Carthage, NC 28327
All Saturday sessions will start with a presentation about the topic(s) of that month. The rest of the time is set aside for teachers to work and to receive individualized support as needed. 

September 16: Getting Organized!
We will review the National Board process for initial candidates and for those working on the Maintenance of Certification. Teachers will have an opportunity to get organized and to prepare for this journey! MOC candidates will focus on their PGEs and choosing which PGEs they will use. Initial candidates will receive an overview of the components and an explanation of the process, the standards, and the expectations for their certification area. 

October 21: Differentiation
Initial candidates will learn all about Component 2. We will talk about the expectations and rubrics for this component.  We will also review some of the best practices for differentiation in the classroom.  MOC candidates will review the expectations for component 1 and they will narrow down their plans for this component. 

November 18: Video-The Teaching Practice
Both initial and MOC candidates will learn more about filming their practice and showcasing their strengths in the classroom. Initial candidates will be reviewing the expectations and rubrics for component 3. MOC candidates will review the expectations for component 2. 

January 20: Effective and Reflective Teachers
We will all discuss how to best show that we are effective and reflective teachers. We will also discuss various assessment strategies and how those can be differentiated in the classroom. Initial candidates will focus on the various expectations in component 4. MOC candidates will continue to be supported in their work. 

February 17: Content Knowledge
We will focus on component 1. This is the assessment portion of the National Board process which provides the opportunity for teachers to show that they have deep knowledge of the content in their certification area as well as strong pedagogical skills. We will review the testing process, types of questions, as well as some support to help you prepare. MOC candidates will continue to be supported in their work. 

March 9: Writing for your National Board Components
Both initial and MOC candidates will learn more about the different types of writing they will use while working on their National Board components. We will have a writing workshop and offer opportunities to practice these different types of writing as teachers continue to be supported in this process. 

April 13: Work Session for All
Both initial and MOC candidates will continue to work on their components and they will have the opportunity to have other NBCTs read their work and offer feedback. 

May 4: The Final Push-Turning It In!
We will review the electronic submission process and teachers will continue to receive support as they finish up their components and get ready to submit.

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