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School Report Cards 2015-16
School report cards are a wonderful resource for information about our schools. They offer important data such as school performance grades, Read to Achieve data, college enrollment statistics and Advanced Placement (AP) examination participation and performance data. However, this data, while important, doesn’t equal the sum total of our schools’ worth. At Moore County Schools, we are mindful that tests and data demonstrate mastery of skill sets, but we also promote and encourage creativity in our classrooms, writing instruction not only in our children’s minds but in their hearts, too.

The data in Moore County Schools’ report cards testifies that we have excellent schools. While we celebrate our successes, we own our challenges and command their solutions. We are committed to finding the right balance between accountability and creativity, to finding the right pace for innovation and to building and expanding our facilities. 

The information contained in these report cards begins—it does not end—conversations about the state of Moore County Schools. We strongly encourage transparent and clear communication with our community. Questions about the information contained in these report cards may be directed to 910.947.2976 or We look forward to continuing conversations about how we can best serve our students, their families and our community.

School Report Cards
Aberdeen Elementary   (Spanish)
Aberdeen Primary    (Spanish)
Cameron Elementary   (Spanish)
Carthage Elementary   (Spanish)
Community Learning Center at Pinckney  (Spanish)
Crain's Creek Middle    (Spanish)
Elise Middle    (Spanish)
Highfalls Elementary    (Spanish)
New Century Middle    (Spanish)
North Moore High School    (Spanish)
Pinecrest High    (Spanish)
Pinehurst Elementary    (Spanish)
Robbins Elementary     (Spanish)
Sandhills Farm Life Elementary    (Spanish)
Southern Middle    (Spanish)
Southern Pines Elementary    (Spanish)
Southern Pines Primary    (Spanish)
Union Pines High School    (Spanish)
Vass-Lakeview Elementary    (Spanish)
West End Elementary    (Spanish)
West Pine Elementary   (Spanish)
West Pine Middle    (Spanish)
Westmoore Elementary    (Spanish)

School Report Cards

School Report Cards

School Report Cards

School Report Cards