Moore County Schools

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School Improvement Plans 2016-18

As required by North Carolina General Statute and Moore County Schools Board Policy, each School Improvement Team has collaborated on the creation of a school improvement plan for the next two academic school years (2016-2018).  Each respective school staff has voted to approve their plans before finally being reviewed and approved by the Board of Education. A one-page summary of each school plan and their full plans are linked below.
 School Principal Phone Number
Aberdeen Elementary Dante Poole910.944.1124
Aberdeen Primary Dr. Molly Capps910.944.1523
Cameron Elementary Robert Breyer910.245.7814
Carthage Elementary
Debbie Warren910.947.2781
Crain's Creek Middle
Chad Chisholm910.245.3796
Elise Middle Jeni Wiley910.948.2421
Highfalls Elementary (K-8) Dyan Pope910.464.3600
New Century Middle Tracy Metcalf910.947.1301
North Moore High
Jenny Purvis910.464.3105
Pinecrest High
Bob Christina910.692.6554
Pinehurst Elementary
Ashlee Ciccone910.295.6969
Robbins Elementary
Kim Bullard910.948.2411
Sandhills Farm Life Elementary
Nora McNeill910.949.2501
Southern Middle
Marcy Cooper910.693.1550
Southern Pines Elementary
Dr. Dale Buie910.692.2357
Southern Pines Primary
Tonya Wagner910.692.8659
Union Pines High
Andy McCormick910.947.5511
Vass-Lakeview Elementary
Bridget Johnson910.245.3444
West End Elementary
Antigone Peek910.673.6691
West Pine Elementary Mary-Francis Tintle910.673.2004
West Pine Middle
Douglas Massengill910.673.1464
Westmoore Elementary (K-8)
Lisa Scott910.464.3401