• New Pinehurst Elementary School

    The new Pinehurst Elementary will replace the aging and existing school on the same site. The new structure will be two stories with a capacity for 800 students. The construction of the new school will require relocating students to a temporary location for two years while demolition and construction is performed. The district has an agreement with Village of Pinehurst for the use of Rassie Wicker Park for the temporary school location. Click here to view the site plan of the temporary school location.
    New Pinehurst Elementary School Construction Timeline

    Begin design

    May 2018

    Bid date of new school

    August 2019

    Construction begins of new school

    September 2019

    Move into temporary site

    July 2019

    Construction complete

    January 2021

    Deconstruct temporary site and restore land

    July 2021

    School opens

    August 2021