• New Aberdeen Elementary School

    New AES 2

    The new Aberdeen elementary school will replace the aging Aberdeen primary school and Aberdeen elementary school buildings. The 117,693 sq. ft. facility will have a capacity for 800 students from kindergarten through the 5th grade. The school is designed to provide opportunities for self-guided learning and team-teaching strategies. The design utilizes a "main street" and compact "finger plan" organization to adapt to the shape of the site. This energy efficient design will demonstrate modern technologies including geothermal air conditioning systems and a wireless technology environment to promote student success and reduce absenteeism. 

    New AES An engineering drawing of the floor plan shows the proposed location of the classrooms, media center, food service and gymnasium. Click on the link to view the full size plan.  

                   Floor Plan

    Timeline for construction: 

    Bid date: May 2018
    Construction begins: July 2018
    Construction completion: December 2019
    Schools opens: August 2020