• Budget Matters

    Moore County Schools is facing several budget challenges and is asking the community to become engaged and involved in helping the Board of Education during the budget development process. This page will host the latest news, events and information regarding the school’s budget processes.  
    The district is facing a "perfect storm" in terms of its 2017-2018 with the convergence of three separate budget concerns:
    • Unintended consequences in regard to class size reductions in grades K-3rd grades. These included the need to provide 36 additional teachers to accommodate those new pupil-teacher ratios and the need to reconfigure existing classrooms as well as add 12 to 20 new modular units, with no additional funding from the state.

    • A depletion in the district's fund balance used to offset unforeseen costs and unanticipated budget shortfalls in state or local funding.

    • Much-needed facilities maintenance and improvements in the range of $72 million over the next 20 years. With just $1.5 million in annual funding provided for these purposes, it would take 50 years to complete 20 years' worth of needed repairs and upgrades.
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