• Advanced Career Center

    What is the Advanced Career Center and what is the status of planning for it?
    The Advanced Career Center (ACC) is a term that the Moore County Board of Education has adopted for the purpose of describing a proposed facility that is intended to serve two important purposes. First, it will provide extended college - and career-preparation programs for students from all three of our high schools. Second, it will provide capacity relief at our two high schools (Pinecrest and Union Pines) where rapid growth is creating over-crowding.

    A first draft of the ACC program was presented to the School Board last fall. The draft program outlines four academies that would provide courses built around four themes or pathways. They include an academy of life and health sciences, an academy of design and production, an academy of agriculture and an academy of hospitality and culinary arts. The current set of four academies is based on the key employment sectors of Moore County as we have known them. The plan remains in a state of development and is subject to change as we continue to gather input from the community.

    A survey of students, teachers, parents and other interested residents was administered in December, 2014. It reflected a high level of interest and support on the part of respondents. Predictably, respondents found some proposed programs more attractive than others. The survey data was very useful to our staff as we have continued to refine the proposal.

    A series of community forums where held in February, 2015 at each of our high schools. During each forum, our staff provided a brief overview of the current draft of the plan and sought feedback from the audience. Audience participants where encouraged to ask questions and offer suggestions.

    Meanwhile, our staff continues to study ways to align our existing high school coursework with related Sandhills Community College program requirements. Our goal is to develop a curriculum that will provide high school students with expanded academic options to pursue post-high school industry certifications, professional licenses, associates degrees, bachelors degrees and graduate degrees associated with careers represented by each academy. In the process, we also hope that our students and their families will experience a substantial reduction in the cost of post-high school education and training.

    The ACC will be designed to accommodate 600 to 800 students in each of two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The current draft of the plan targets only 11th and 12th graders, but the program may be expanded to serve 10th and possibly 9th graders, based on further community input. Students will travel to their home high schools each morning and they will then take shuttle buses to and from the ACC. They will remain officially enrolled at their home high schools and they will remain eligible for all elective courses and extra-curricular opportunities.

    The ACC is one part of Moore County Schools’ Master Facilities Plan. The plan and related support materials may be viewed on the Facilities Planning page.