Moore County Schools

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Examples of Recent Grants

The foundation encourages excellent educational practices in Moore County public schools by providing financial support and recognition for creative, engaging learning experiences. Contributing more than $250,000 to enhance education in Moore County since its incorporation in 1984, the Foundation awarded over $16,000 in grants during the 2015-16 academic year to support the following teachers, schools and projects.

School Grant Description Amount
North Moore High Speech & Debate Program  $2,1200
Union Pines High  Contemporary Novel Program  $1,233
Carthage Elementary  Digital Story Room  $1,200
Highfalls Elementary  Classical Guitar Program  $2,550
MCS Visually Impaired Department  Braille Embosser  $2,300
Pinecrest High  Shakespeare Film Series  $400
Crain's Creek Middle  Reorganizing of Media Center  $1,375
Pinehurst Elementary  Robotics for Dolphin Collaboratory  $2,500
Aberdeen Elementary Rachel's Challenge - Link it UP Program  $4,713
Westmoore Elementary  Stability Balls  $350
Southern Pines Primary  STEAM Lab  $5,000
West Pine Elementary   Discovery Education Science Tech Books  $920