• Tips for Grant Writing


    Read and re-read the proposal guidelines and answer all the guidelines questions Omit any of the required information
    Be specific
    Be philosophical
    Be serious  Be dull 
    Be positive by emphasizing opportunity rather than need
    Limit your proposal to a few students unless NEED is a major factor that has been clearly stated in the proposal
    Eliminate all jargon and avoid emotional appeal
    Assume the funding source understands technical terms (e.g., IEP, SST, etc.) 
    Approach the project with an innovative or creative teaching strategy that will engage learners.
    Ask for funding of items which are currently funded within the instructional budgets of your school.
    Check for errors in spelling, grammar, etc.
    Think the funding source does not mind if your proposal looks sloppy
    Have others review the draft proposal Submit your proposal at the last minute
    Give an itemized budget which is as complete as possible, listing items and prices and being as specific as possible
    Generalize the budgeted items you need
    Budgeted items should include only current technologies or justify the need for older technologies Include out-of-date technologies, e.g., VHS vs. DVD or tape vs. CD 
    Provide samples, articles or other material of interest which would demonstrate your creative or innovative concept Assume the funding source will immediately see why your project should be funded 
    Attempt to reach as many students as possible with the project (within the class, grade level, department, school, etc.).
    Focus your proposal on plans which will only be used for a single school term instead of being re­usable for future students 
    Write clear evaluation strategies to determine the value of these funds in meeting the purpose or goals of the grant Describe the evaluation process as a vague idea without clear measurement criteria 
    Be ready to present your grant (you may bring your Principal or other staff involved) Try to present your grant without at least one practice session describing it to colleagues 
    TRY to keep your sense of humor and enjoy the processThink it’s the end of the world if your grant is not funded. Listen to suggestions and try again.