• Technology Alerts

    This page shows both Scheduled and Emergency Technology System Alerts.You may click a calendar item for further details. Subscribe to @MCSTechAlerts to receive emergency outage alerts via Twitter.

    Other important information can be found on the 
    Google Apps Status Dashboard and Internet Service Provider Health Report.

    WARNING: Phishing Alert! 

    At approximately 3:00PM Wednesday 5/3/17, a “phishing” scam was released which spread rapidly in MCS’s email system. This scam has had worldwide impact and many other school districts in North Carolina were also affected.

    The email appears to come from one of your contacts indicating he or she is trying to share a Google Doc with you. If you see a "[contact name] has shared a document on Google Docs with you" that is sent to you as a BCC, do not click the document link in the message.  

    The MCS Technology Department has blocked the continued circulation of those messages and is working to remove those messages from all user inboxes. Likewise, Google has also resolved the issue and the phishing scam has now been averted

    If you clicked this message and were affected - Google has blocked the fake 'Google Docs' app from working, but you can check and remove yourself by going to: Connected apps & sites.  Click 'MANAGE APPS' to see your full app list.  Look for 'Google Docs' - click this app and choose 'REMOVE': 

     Google Docs phishing access