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    What is Google Docs?
    Google Docs is a collection of tools - including Email, Docs, Spreadsheet and Calendar that allows Moore County Schools Teachers, Staff and Students to create content anywhere any time using the power of Cloud Computing. Cloud Computing is a term used to describe working on-line (or in the cloud). In Cloud Computing all of our work is saved to the Internet, or Cloud- not the desktop. 
    How do I logon to Google Docs?
    This is the site to logon: http://mail.ncmcs.net. Your Username is the same as your MCS Network ID. 

    What do I need to use Google Chrome as my browser?
    Google Apps work best when using the newest version of Google Chrome as your browser. You can download and install Google Chrome from the Desktop Manager. Also, if you have an iPad, you will find using the Google Drive App very helpful to view, create and edit files on the iPad. 

    How can I get my Google password reset?
    Complete this form: Request Password Reset
    Where can I get more information on Google Docs?
    Visit our Google Apps FAQ