• North Carolina Standard Course of Study Task Analysis & Pacing

    Below you will find links to the MCS Instructional Support Model, NC Education, Bloom's Taxonomy and Standard Course of Study related information. Pacing Guides and MCS Admin Guides are available on the Curriculum Document Site.Docs
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    English/Language Arts & Math Standards in Spanish
    The San Diego County Office of Education, the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and the California Department of Education completed a translation of the standards for English Language Arts & Literacy into Spanish.
    Standards en Español is now available to each state and territory that has adopted the standards.
    Levels of Thinking in Bloom's Taxonomy and Webb's Depths of Knowledge (DOK)
    Bloom's six major categories were changed from noun to verb from in the new version which was developed in the 1990's and released in 2001. Norman L. Webb of Wisconsin Center for Educational Research generated DOK levels to aid in alignment analysis of curriculum, objectives, standards and assessments.