Moore County Schools

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In the News

Four Graduating Seniors Ready Themselves for Military Academies

Commissioners Keeping Open Mind on School Funding

Kiwanis Awards Junior Builder's Cup Scholarship to NM Senior

New Site Identified For Elementary School

School Budget Gap Narrows, Board Pushes for Emergency Fund

Showdown Likely Over School Funding

Schools Would Get $2 Million Increase Under Proposed Budget

Tin Whistles Tap Four for Prestigious Scholarship

NAACP Leads Support Effort for Aberdeen Primary School

Pressure Off on Class Sizes But Other Budget Issues Remain for Schools

SCC Offers Post-High School Graduation Camp

Sandhills Pride Announces Scholarship Winners

County Commissioners Tackle Wide Range of School Issues

New Pinecrest Athletic Club Making Progress

Six Pinecrest Students Receive CNA I Certification

Smaller Budget Increase Requested for Schools

Class-Size Compromise Relieves Immediate Money Crunch

Study Charts Education Funding in N.C., Moore County

County School Funding Coming Into Focus

Commissioners Receive Still-Shifting School Budget

Welcome, Class of 2030: School Begin Looking at Enrollment Projections

County Assails Sales Tax Proposal

Southern Pines Approves Permit for New High School

School Board Approves Budget in the Hope of Preserving Programs, Staff

School Advocates Make Case to County for Education Funding

Road Improvements Proposed With New High School Permit Application

Principals Outline Potential Impacts of Budget Cuts

County Withdraws Plans for School on Camp Easter Road

Boles. McNeill Introduce Lottery Bill to Support Schools

New Bill Bypasses Help for Moore Schools

Advocates Speak Out on Budget For Schools


County Board of Commissioners Meeting Dates

Updated Meeting Dates
The Moore County Board of Commissioners have revised the dates of the budget presentation, public hearing and budget adoption. Click here to see a full-size version of the image on the left.

The next meeting of the Moore County Board of Commissioners is Tuesday, June 6.


Regional Educator Job Fair

Regional Educator Job Fair Click here for more information.


2017-18 School Calendar
Calendar The official school calendars for the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 school years have been posted. Printable PDFs are available at this link. Printed versions will also be distributed to all students at the beginning of the 2017-2018 term.

The School Calendar Committee, consisting of parents, teachers and staff, appreciates the feedback from the community provided during the comment period in January. The school calendar feedback survey garnered 325 responses and 117 comments. The committee was able to make several suggested adjustments to the calendar based on that feedback, within the limits as set by the General Assembly. To review those school calendar requirements as set by the General Assembly, please visit the Legislation Summary. 

Budget Matters

Moore County Schools Budget Matters Moore County Schools is facing several budget challenges and is asking the community to become engaged and involved in helping the Board of Education during the budget development process. The page linked below will host the latest news, events and information regarding the school’s budget processes.


Area I Elementary School
Area I Elementary School The new Area I elementary school will alleviate overcrowding at Sandhills Farm Life and Vass-Lakeview elementary schools. The 113,772 sq. ft. facility will have a capacity for 800 students from kindergarten through the 5th grade. - More -

Advanced Career Center
Advanced Career Center Located on the campus of Sandhills Community College, the Advanced Career Center will be a 114,991 sq. ft., three-story facility to accommodate 600 to 800 high school students each instructional day. Features of the building include geothermal heating and air conditioning systems to help lower energy consumption and costs. -  More -

MCS Achieves Gains in State Accountability Measures
Moore County Schools continues to make gains on most measures of student learning, according to school accountability data released by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) as part of its READY accountability initiative. - More 


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