• Parent Portal Alert 

    Access the Parent Portal from a web browser:
    • Use the PowerSchool Mobile App (PSApp ) from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

    • Make sure your app is up to date, and you use the MCS District code - CFLG. 


    Parent Portal Home Base/Parent Portal
    Moore County Schools is excited to provide access to the Parent Portal feature of PowerSchool. The Parent Portal provides a live look into student achievement and attendance data. In order to receive access to Parent Portal, parents/guardians are required to do the following:

    1. Fill out an Account Request Form Application for each of your students at each of their schools. Parents/guardians with students in more than one school will be required to fill out a separate application for each school. Please note that this is a necessary step. Due to the nature of PowerSchool, each school can only issue access to students enrolled in that school. We apologize for the inconvenience of requiring multiple applications
    2. Complete the Account Request Form, including the consent to follow the MCS acceptable use agreement.
    3. Take the completed Request Form to the school where the student is enrolled.
    4. Provide photo ID to the school when the form is returned.