• Health Information

    Phyllis Magnuson In partnership with FirstHealth of the Carolinas, the Moore County School Health Program provides ongoing support for students, faculty and staff in Moore County Schools. The program has received both state and national recognition as a best practice standard as it contributes to the academic success and advancement of the well being and the lifelong achievement of the school-aged child.

    To this end, the School Nurse Program facilitates positive student response to normal development, promotes health and safety, intervenes with actual and potential health problems, provides case management services and actively collaborates with community partners to build student and family capacity for adaptation, self-management, self-advocacy and learning. 
    Remember: Healthy Children Learn Better!

    Phyllis Magnuson, RNC, MPH
    School Health Programs Manager
    Phone: 910.638.4534
    Fax: 910.245.7284