• Enrolling Your Child

    Enrolling Your Child MCS

    If you are enrolling your child in Kindergarten for the first time, please visit the Kindergarten registration page. 

    Welcome to Moore County Schools. If you and your family are new to our community, we look forward to working with you and your child throughout his or her education with us.The information on this page will be useful as you register your child for any grade. 

    How do I know my child's home school?
    Parents who are unsure as to the attendance area in which they reside should call the Transportation Department for Moore County Schools at 910.947.5481.

    How do I enroll my child for Pre-Kindergarten?
    Information is available about registering for Pre-Kindergarten on the Preschool website. There you will find enrollment and admission eligibility information and directions about how to apply for NC Pre-Kindergarten and resources for parents. 

    How do I enroll my child for Kindergarten?
    To pre-register for Kindergarten, visit www.ncmcs.org/KindergartenRegistration and complete the online registration form. Once the form has been submitted, call the school in your attendance area to set up an appointment. Please note that any child who will enter kindergarten must by five years of age on or before August 31, 2018.
    How do I enroll my child for 1st through 12th grade?
    (See below for information about Kindergarten and Pre-Kindergarten registration.)

    Use the pull-down arrow below to find your child's school, click the Submit button, then click on the link to begin filling out the PowerSchool Registration Form. When finished completing the form, click Submit Form. One form is required for each child you are enrolling. Also, please be sure to select the correct school as the forms are school-specific.

    Once the online registration is completed you will be contacted by the school to arrange for an enrollment appointment. 


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  • Aberdeen Elementary, Grades 3-5
  • Aberdeen Primary, Grades PreK-2
  • Cameron Elementary
  • Carthage Elementary
  • Crain's Creek Middle
  • Elise Middle
  • Highfalls Elementary
  • New Century Middle
  • North Moore High
  • Pinecrest High
  • Pinehurst Elementary
  • Robbins Elementary
  • Sandhills Farm Life Elementary
  • Southern Middle
  • Southern Pines Elementary, Grades 3-5
  • Southern Pines Primary, Grades PreK-2
  • Union Pines High
  • Vass-Lakeview Elementary
  • West End Elementary
  • West Pine Elementary
  • West Pine Middle
  • Westmoore Elementary
  • What documentation do you need to register?
    Parents/guardians should bring with them the following documentation to their registration appointment:   
    • Birth certificate or other proof of age;
    • Immunization record (originals from the doctor or health department);
      More detailed information is available by reading the State-Required Immunizations for Entry to Moore County Schools. Questions and further clarification of immunization requirements may be directed to Phyllis Magnuson, school health program manager, at 910.638.4534. 

    • Health Form;
      Any new students enrolling in any North Carolina Public School for the first time, regardless of age or grade, must have the North Carolina Health Assessment Transmittal Form completed by a health care provider and parent/guardian. The Health Assessment Form must be submitted to your child's school within the first 30 days of school. The Health Assessment Form must be submitted to your child's school within the first 30 days of school. More detailed information is available by visiting Required Health Assessment for School Entry.

      • Students that have never attended a North Carolina Public School enrolling from an out-of-state school, an in-state private school, faith-based school, home school, alternative (non-NC public) school, or Department of Defense school must complete the Health Assessment Form along with a Certificate of Immunizations and present this information to the school within 30 days of enrollment.

    • Proof of domicile (current utility bill or purchase agreement with a down payment);

    • Proof of legal custody or guardianship, if you are not the parent;
    • A high school transcript, if enrolling a student to a high school;

    • If your child is living with someone other than his or her legal parent/guardian, you will need to complete both forms below, have them notarized and return them to the Associate Superintendent's Office. The affidavits must be approved before a child can be enrolled; and
    • If your family does not own property or have a utility bill in your name, you will need to complete both forms below, have them notarized and return them to your child's area school. The affidavaits must be approved before a child can be enrolled. 
    My child requires medication during the school day. What do I need to know?
    Effective July 1, 2016, all medication, prescription and/or over-the-counter drugs that parents want given at school must have a physician order accompanying the medication to school. More information is available by visiting Parent Information About Medication Administration.

    For more information about Moore County Schools' enrollment process, contact the Moore County Schools District Office, at 910.947.2976. 
    Welcome to Moore County Schools!