• Awards

    Growing to Greatness Honorees, December 2017

    Maintenance Department – Duncan Stewart, District Plumbing Specialist
    Mr. Duncan Stewart, a plumbing specialist, is the honoree for the Maintenance Department. For 21 years Mr. Duncan Stewart has served in Moore County Schools as a maintenance plumber. He goes above and beyond the call of duty to insure the needs of our schools are met.

    Mr. Stewart always has a smile and a great attitude no matter what job is at hand. He demonstrates exceptional work ethic with his responsiveness to after-hour calls. The maintenance department is lucky to have him, and we are proud to honor Duncan Stewart for this recognition.


    Education Center at Pinckney – Anna Stevens, Specialist for ESL, World Language, Media and Pre K-12 Arts
    Ms. Anna Stevens, a specialist for ESL, World Language, Media and Pre K-12 Arts, is the honoree for the Education Center at Pinckney.

    Ms. Stevens joined Moore County Schools as an ESL teacher in 1997.  She serves as our Hispanic parent liaison and serves as a translator during parent conferences and IEP meetings when the family’s first language is Spanish. She is also heavily involved in the Hispanic Community Advisory Council. She is dedicated to the Moore County Hispanic Parent Academy where her team puts together educational programs for parents and children to bridge the gap that often comes with language barriers.

    Moore County Schools is a greater place to work and learn thanks to Anna Steven’s heart for service and leadership by example.



    Central Office – Gail Miller, Administrative Assistant to Chief Officer and Executive Officer for Academics and Student Support Services
    Ms. Gail Miller is the honoree for the Central Office. Mrs. Miller first came to Moore County Schools in the mid-1990s as a volunteer at Pinehurst Elementary. More than 20 years later, she balances numerous tasks and responsibilities as administrative assistant to both Chief Officer and Executive Officer for Academics and Student Support Services.

    Mrs. Miller is an active member of the Educational Office Professionals association, and in 2014 she was awarded the Moore County Educational Office Professional of the Year. She is described by her bosses and coworkers alike as compassionate, dedicated and loyal. She organizes the monthly Leadership Team meetings for all of the district leadership and school principals, arranges stakeholder meetings with several of the district’s advisory councils and in general stays on top of all of the district’s leading initiatives, all with a smile and a sweet disposition.

    Mrs. Miller is a great team player who is a caring, devoted and skilled employee who is well-deserving of this recognition.



    Technology Department – Lisa Hearn
    Lisa Hearn is the honoree for the Technology Department. Ms. Hearn joined MCS in February 2015, and immediately put her tremendous business and organizational skills to use to help streamline technology processes.

    If you have had any technology items ordered in the last several years, then Ms. Hearn has had her hands on it, and has continued to ensure that all technology orders by the district are appropriately inventoried and tracked. She helps manage and maintain technology budgets to stay on top of different technology expenses. Ms. Hearn also regularly participates in district Emergency Operation Plan (EOP) meetings to continue her professional development. She has been vital to improving our technology and school Chromebook invoicing procedures.

    Lisa Hearn is not just a member of Moore County Schools staff, but she is a proud Moore County Schools parent, with one graduated child and another in middle school.