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    Advisory Councils  Moore County Schools’ Advisory Groups for External Stakeholders

    Moore County Schools is committed to clear, accurate and transparent communication with our community. This commitment is partly realized through the establishment and sustaining work of a number of advisory councils that serve internal and external stakeholders of Moore County Schools. Our Superintendent, Dr. Bob, recognizes the importance of each individual’s voice in our community and desires these advisory councils as a network to share two-way communication.

    Each of the advisory groups below brings specific recommendations to the attention of the Superintendent, but no Moore County Schools advisory group creates or sets policy. Members of the advisory groups below receive and provide feedback regarding Moore County Schools’ needs, goals, strategies, policies, procedures and programs. Each advisory group focuses on district-wide, not school-based, issues.

    Parent Advisory Council

    Hispano Consejo Asesor de la Comunidad (Hispanic Community Advisory Council)

    Military Family Council

    African American Community Advisory Council

    Key Communicators

    Each school in Moore County Schools hosts its own building-level parent advisory group. To learn more about your school’s parent advisory process, consult your student’s principal. School-specific topics and concerns are addressed at these building-level parent council meetings, whereas Moore County Schools’ Parent Advisory Council addresses district-wide concerns and topics.

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