School Resource Officers 

SRO The Moore County Schools Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency comprised of 14 certified law enforcement professionals. We are one of only two school systems in North Carolina to have our own police department, Mecklenburg County is the other. School Resource Officer’s have full powers of arrest on any MCS’s property.

Our School Resource Officer’s provide law enforcement and police services to the 23 schools, school grounds and areas adjacent to the schools. We are tasked with investigating allegations of criminal incidents per police department policies and procedures. We enforce state and local laws and make appropriate referrals to juvenile authorities or other governmental agencies. We also have the 2nd Chance Program that allows us to refer first time offenders in lieu of court. This program requires the student and parents signatures with a contract that requires a written essay, lectures from law enforcement personnel on making better choices, and some community service.

One of the most rewarding things about being an SRO is our ability to be on campuses with the students every day. You know your students and their families and are able to build positive relationships that help to prevent juvenile delinquency. It also allows us to take a much more pro-active law enforcement approach as opposed to just having to react to issues.

We maintain close partnership with school administrators in order to provide a safe school environment. We assist in the development and implementation of emergency crisis planning and provide training for school personnel.

We strive to be positive role models for students.

Moore County Schools Police is a past recipient of the National Exemplary School Safety Award, awarded by the School Safety Advocacy Council, one of only 10 law enforcement agencies in the nation to receive the honor.

Roberta Maness